Welcome to the Transferable Skills homepage!

The programme is designed for research degree students, both at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and our Bloomsbury Postgraduate Network partners.

On this site, you can view the schedule of all upcoming courses and book your session place using the online booking system. If you experience any issues with the booking system please get in touch with the ITS Helpdesk and your issue will be logged by the team.

You are also entitled to attend any of the courses presented by our Bloomsbury Postgraduate Network  partners. You will need to register on their website using your School email address.

Each session will be evaluated via an automated online evaluation form which will be emailed one working day after the course. These are really valuable for us and we use your feedback to improve and develop the programme, so please do fill them in!

You have access to a range of self study Viva videos which can be accessed via the School’s Intranet page. Please click here to view these videos.

Please get in touch via


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